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Spending all day editing sucks the passion out of your work

After a long day of shooting, the last thing you want to do is sit down and spend hours photo masking so you can put your photographs on a white background — especially when dealing with undefined boundaries like hair or fur. You’d rather organize shots or do creative retouching than carefully outline every single strand of hair. The sooner you finish all of the little modifications, the sooner you may return to the task you enjoy.
When it comes to picture masking services, you don’t have to waste time on the most time-consuming modifications; instead, reserve your brainpower for tasks that will stretch your creative muscles.

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Hand-edited photographs and meticulous attention to detail ensure that you receive flawless image masking services every time. The better the images, the more likely they will sell – and the delighted your customers will be.
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Image Masking

Image masking services

Image masking is a technique that removes the background from images that have subjects with fuzzy edges, like hair, wool, or fur. Unlike clipping path services, which are like cutting out an image from a magazine, image masking is a labor-intensive task that requires advanced Photoshop techniques to account for every last strand of hair or fur.

We begin by drawing clipping paths along straight edges by hand. Then, we'll use Photoshop masking tools and techniques to delve into the nitty gritty of eliminating a background

Sometimes we’ll use more than one tool to achieve the desired effect. Image masking allows you to adjust the background of your image behind the topic. You can use white backgrounds to sell things online or to display your subjects in any environment.

Why do photographers and ecommerce entrepreneurs use Path for picture masking?

This photo masking company does not use automated software. Every project is completed by hand. Adapt your picture masking sequence to your deadline and budget, no matter how limited. Your ability and creative energy are better spent doing what you enjoy rather than tinkering in Photoshop for hours trying to figure out tiresome adjustments. We expertly draw every shadow by hand. We’re not finished until every shadow has the perfect shape.


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