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Create natural shadows that highlight your merchandise. Outsourced shadow creating services can make your product images look more realistic – and at a reasonable cost.
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Spending all day drawing drop shadows saps your enthusiasm for your task.

Realistic shadows are required if your products are to sell. Shadows provide dimension to your images and make your products pop off the page.
Layer upon layer of shadows is required, especially for detailed product features. But layering, masking, experimenting with density, and feathering for hours isn’t what you signed up for. Because the built-in drop shadow tool is useless, making a realistic shadow requires accuracy and time. Also, time. There’s a lot of it.

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Shadows are vital, but only a true pro can get them right. Every time, we’ll produce the ideal shape for your shadow. We meticulously handcraft each shadow, flawlessly executing drop shadow, floating shadow, natural shadow, the hover effect, and any other shadow requirements. Let’s start bringing your products to life and boosting sales.
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What are shadow services?

Product photography benefits from realistic shadows. However, sometimes the lighting in the shot isn’t quite ideal, or you’re removing the background to highlight your products, and you need to add shadows after the fact.
When used correctly, these shadows help your products appear more desirable to customers, even if the effect is modest. Shadows, especially when displaying your products against a white background, will assist make your products stand out instead of looking flat and lifeless.
Shadows are also useful for distinguishing your product from the background (for example, a white outfit against a white background) and for generating a uniform look throughout all of your product photographs.

What kind of shadow effects can you do?

Sometimes we’ll use more than one tool to achieve the desired effect. Image masking allows you to adjust the background of your image behind the topic. You can use white backgrounds to sell things online or to display your subjects in any environment.

Why ecommerce entrepreneurs and photographers use Path drop shadow services

Your talent and creative energy are better spent doing what you enjoy rather than layering and feathering for hours on end to achieve the ideal shadow. We expertly draw every shadow by hand. We’re not finished until every shadow has the perfect shape.


customers have trusted us with their image edits.


images are edited each day.

How to Determine If Outsourced Shadow Services Are Right For You

You don’t have to do everything yourself. Outsourced shadow services are ideal if you are …

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