Professional Background Removal Service

Need professional background removal at a great price? You’re in the right place! Our skilled designers use top techniques like clipping paths and layer masking to make your images look flawless. At GFX Lab, we are dedicated to delivering excellence with a focus on customer satisfaction and efficiency.
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Our Background Removal Service

After serving this industry for a long time, we now know that everyone has specific likings and perspectives. With the experience of working with a large number, we offer a number of services so that we can meet the demands of most of our clients. Here are some of our services-

01 Basic

Images with clear edges and distinct subjects go through this basic package. Under the basic package, we keep product photos, portraits, and other straightforward images where we can easily detect the subject of the image.

02 Complex

This is for those images that need advanced technique implementation. Layer masking, manual clipping path, and separation of the subject are needed to achieve perfection while editing such images. Fashion photography and animal photography are two categories that fall in this section.

03 Large Editing

Photographers and e-commerce sites usually need thousands of shots and product photos to edit within a very short time. We offer effective and fast BG removal services to such clients. We have a large number of such clients for whom our team edit a large volume of images every day.

04 E-Commerce

We know that it is very important for every online retailer to showcase their products with picture-perfect transparency. Our e-commerce image editing service includes background removal, color correction, shadow creation, and image resizing. Our team is committed to showcasing your products in the best light possible.

05 Customized Solution

At the same time, we offer customized solutions for those who need something special. This includes removing backgrounds with a color, pattern, or another image of your choice. This service is ideal for marketing materials, advertisements, and creative projects where a specific backdrop enhances the overall image. Apart from these main services, we also offer shadow and reflection creation, Image retouching, batch processing, multi-layer editing, and transparent backgrounds for logos and graphics.

Our Work Process

Image Submission

We have our secure online portal through which you can submit your image to us.

Evaluate the Image

The next step is to evaluate the image sent to us. Our team with experts in Photoshop then reviews each image to determine the best approach for background removal.

Editing and Removing Background

Once the best method is chosen, an expert starts editing the image according to the plan. We mostly use Photoshop while editing an image.

Quality Check

To ensure that the image is rightly edited, each image undergoes a quality check session by other team members.


When the whole team agrees that the image is exactly what you want from us, we deliver the image. Remember that we send images in the exact format that you want.

Why Choose Our Background Removal Services?

The top five reasons why you should choose our service are-

01 Expertise

Our team consists of highly skilled Photoshop professionals with years of experience.

02 Quality

We ensure high-quality results that enhance the appeal of your images.

03 Promised Delivery

We deliver exactly on time without compromising on the quality.

04 Affordable service

We know the importance of staying affordable in this competitive world. As we deliver a large number of items daily, it is easier for us to stay affordable.

05 We love feedback

Feedback from clients is one of the great ways to improve. We happily collect feedback and reviews so that our improvement phase never ends.


Background removal services are essential for various professionals and industries, including:

  1. E-commerce businesses
  2. Photographers
  3. Marketing agencies
  4. Graphic designers
  5. Social media influencers

Professional background removal enhances the visual appeal of images by:

  1. Making subjects stand out
  2. Improving focus and clarity
  3. Ensuring consistency across images
  4. Enhancing overall image quality

By choosing GFX Lab, you gain:

  1. High-quality, professional images
  2. Faster project completion times
  3. Improved brand image and marketing materials
  4. Cost-effective solutions designed for your needs

At GFX Lab, we utilize advanced Photoshop techniques to remove backgrounds, including:

  1. Manual Clipping Paths: Hand-drawn paths around the subject for precise removal.
  2. Masking: Techniques like layer masks and alpha channels for complex images.
  3. Advanced Selection Tools: Using tools like the pen tool, magic wand, and quick selection tool for accuracy.

4. Refinement: Smoothing edges and refining details to ensure a natural look.

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